*Hendrik Putzek


White is the new black: New color for home theatre

This is my little DIY Project for today: Painting my Home Theatre Receiver white to make it fit in better with the rest of the furniture in the room.
Home Cinema Receiver open

Ready to paint

Home Cinema Receiver painted

Home Cinema Receiver feet
My receiver got some feet now ;-)

Home Cinema Receiver end result
The end result

When testing with very loud music I also discovered that rotating my subwoofer cabinet 45° degree makes the sound a lot better! (Because it vibrated itself in this position..) Yay, really. This is not meant as a joke. Its funny how little position changes can affect the sound in a room.


Fun Project: 50 Watt DIY watercooled Ikea High Power Led Lamp

Everybody needs a watercooled LED lamp ;-)

Actually... I ordered the led stuff to do something different with it... But now it lights up my little workshop in the basement.

It consists of a 50Watt Led from ebay, a cheap watercooling system for CPU's and a big fat Lampshade from Ikea.

Assembly of the lamp

Hanging that beast up

Sure, watercooling for a lamp. Daily business.


Actually the design is a bit ... rough. But it does it's job of lighting my desk quite well. An the watercooling is really an eyecandy.

If you want to build something like that keep in mind that active cooling also causes a bit of ambient noise. But in general a CPU cooler works quite well for cooling the LED. I ordered the cooling because I wanted to build the LED it in a quite small enclosing for another project which I did not realize since now.


Use your favourite IDE together with Arduino

When working with Arduino I was always a bit p**ed of by the fact that the Arduino IDE is quite shitty.

Don't give up on all the great features you love in your IDE when working with Arduino


Arduino 433Mhz wireless

Finally I started a new arduino project. Details will be totally magically top secret until I can show you proper pictures of it working :-)

Stay tuned.