Use your favourite IDE together with Arduino

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When working with Arduino I was always a bit p**ed of by the fact that the Arduino IDE is quite shitty.

Don't give up on all the great features you love in your IDE when working with Arduino

Now there is the option to use your own IDE to write your code and use the commandline to compile and upload it to your Board.

All you need to do is install and configure PlatformIO.
This tool is not only compiling your source but also has a built in Package Manager for your Arduino libraries which is quite cool!

You have to do the following steps to use PlatformIO:

  1. Install Phyton and add it to your path variable
    (in Windows you must not use spaces in pathname, this can cause problems)
  2. $ pip install platformio && pip install --egg scons
  3. Maybe you have to run python get-pip.py, see "Phyton and OS Support"
  4. Follow this quickstart guide
  5. Run compilation by running platformio run in your commandline
  6. Enjoy!

PlatformIO also brings a Serialmonitor which you can easily use by runing
platformio serialports monitor

If you face problems during compilation: 
I had to remove the "demo" folders out of some libraries, because they're also scanned which caused errors in my case.

You can run compilation and upload from commandline; in this case in webstorm I can use the included Commandline.

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